Wildcat vouchers

You can read a bit more about why I’m selling these on the crowdfunding page but, in short, if you think you’ll be spending some money at the Wildcat then if you buy this as a voucher now you’ll get a bit extra as a thank you. Think of it as a drink on me. The money will go towards funding the last few things that I need to do - without it, opening could be delayed until at least the other side of June, and nobody wants that (although I will admit that the prospect of a couple of months off is tempting!)

If you’d like to buy multiple vouchers then they will be bundled together as default (so purchasing 1x £115 and 1x £27.50 voucher for £125 will get you a single one to the value of £142.50) - if you’d like them to remain separate, and/or kept in somebody else’s name then please drop me a line on vouchers@stirchleywildcat.co.uk after purchasing and we’ll sort it for you.

All vouchers will be available for collection any time we’re open, or can be posted to you if you’d prefer - again, just get in contact via email if you’d like it delivered. You’ll be able to spend them over as many transactions as you like, and they will remain valid until 31st May 2020.

Thank you for your support - looking forward to seeing you!

£115 voucher
(including 15% bonus)

£55 voucher
(including 10% bonus)

£27.50 voucher
(including 10% bonus)

£16.50 voucher
(including 10% bonus)