As the cider delivery man said to me, “You've got to make money before you can spend it”

Today marks exactly six months since I opened the doors of the Wildcat for the very first time. I don't seem to have had a moment to stop since that evening but I've met a huge number of people, tried hundreds of different beers and learnt a colossal amount about pretty much everything. Overall it's all going really well, and I'm hugely grateful to the large number of customers and friends who have visited – I hope that you've all enjoyed it as much as I have.

The pub was opened on a shoestring, and the majority of the money that I did have was spent on equipment to keep the beer in as good a condition as possible. I hope you'll agree that it was money well spent! But it did mean that certain areas had to be neglected out of necessity, and worked on over time. Over the next month or so I'm going to try to do quite a lot more work, which might mean closing for a few extra days here and there, so I hope that you'll be able to bear with me!

Don't worry, I'm not going to change too much that the ambience of the place is affected negatively, and it's not going to be an earth-shattering overhaul. Just a few things here and there which should make it a more comfortable place to come and drink beer! I might even put up a proper sign...

So, thanks again to the people of Stirchley (and further afield) who have supported the Wildcat so far. I hope to see you all many more times over the months to come.